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Since day one, Tier III has been focused on safety awareness and preemptive self-defense.

Tier III started after a terrifying experience that Ed Stoughton's wife endured. His wife got attacked one early morning in a public location. Because of Ed's defense training, she was able to defend herself and the perpetrator ran off.


Ed's wife was understandably shaken up and Tier III was born. Ed took his experience from working as an Instructor to Iraq National Guard Troops to make sure his wife and women all over could remain safe. Ed decided that he didn’t want to see any other female go through that again and decided to run preventive programs to keep people safe whether its driving or walking or traveling right now.

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Ed spent 15 years in the Army and Army National Guard and traveled all over. He worked as an Instructor to Iraq National Guard Troops to teach them and found that he truly liked teaching. He was part of what was called a Military Training Transition Team or MTT team. So years later he got to put his instructing to use making sure his wife stayed safe if he was traveling. 



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Nate saw a lot of accidents during his time working as a Fireman and an EMT and is now focusing on teaching others how to be safe on the road in the hopes of preventing the same costly consequences he witnessed on the job.

Head Driving Instructor


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